Saturday 15 August 2020

Some gaming today...

My regular Zoom dba Friday came was cancelled due the umpire’s health not being up to it. So I set up some Fencing skirmishes  with 60mm figures and the Portable Wargame with 20mms-

Not really feeling it at all but trying to get my enthusiasm back.


  1. Lovely figures for both types of gaming!

  2. Duelling is good for warming up the dice and the gaming fingers. It is good training for your troops.
    Bayonets cudgels and quarterstaffs can be used in place of (laser) swords.
    Scouts and guides can duel with quarterstaffs on the same rules. Policemen and sailors with cutlasses and batons.
    Cross time duelling between different periods is no doubt the basis of several Sci fi stories and video games ... ultimate champions. As opposed to ultimate champignons which is a very different game ...
    Non lethal, you can also set up league tables and create tales of honour / dishonour in the Duchy to set up duelling.
    Pistols was just not the thing.