Saturday 5 December 2020

Advent calendars and all that

 I had intended to post a picture of my Advent Calendar this morning-

Normally, with the odd exceptions, it is the style of calendar I grew up with, produced in Germany. I like the sentimental, nostalgic vibe . Often they feature an idealised landscape and reek of growing up in the sixties for me. Even though my daughters are grown up they each get sent a wee calendar to where ever they are living and bring it home with them to complete by Christmas here. Here is a link to an online Advent Calendar Museum -
Now do pop over to Mark Man of Tin’s wonderful Advent Calendar post here by following the link below for a veritable box of delights-


  1. I don't have an Advent calendar this year. So, instead, I'm opening up my cupboard doors and randomly eating whatever I find...

  2. Advent calendars are charming. My wife has a Finnish one her exchange student friend gave her long ago which we still use.