Saturday 26 December 2020

Toys of Peace by Saki

I really enjoyed this classic short story yesterday, it was new to me and I thought you might enjoy it.


  1. Going to listen to this after I've taken the dog for a walk .

  2. I hope you enjoyed the story Tony.

  3. I usually think of this story in my mind illustrated with marginal line drawings in the style of H G Wells' Floor Games and Little Wars by J R Sinclair.
    Sadly Saki was killed during WW1, the twist in the tale in real life that you find in most of his short stories.
    Raikes the Sunday School founder had a great grandson or relative killed in the RAF in WW2 whose Collected Poems were published after the war - I discovered a copy as a teenager on holiday in Wales - Raikes' aircraft and the crew bodies recently found