Thursday 31 December 2020

It was only a winter’s tale


More than leaves on the line today!
The snow and ice here in the Duchy has reminded me these cold dark days are a time to plan the garden railway in order that I am ready to go come Spring. These chaps and the building are staying outside over winter as a test of the varnish and paint. The weather has encouraged me to start these Finnish 1/32 figures which were a Christmas present. They are lovely models which have been washed in detergent and undercoated . I hope to use them in some wintery gaming soon...


  1. Lovely snowy scene Tradgardmastare - best wishes for 2021

  2. A fine test for the Garden Railway and atmospheric snow scene!

    1. P.S. Which one of these stout fellows is David Essex?

  3. These figures might also be suitable for the 1939-40 Winter War between Finland and the Communists. Look forward to seeing how they paint up.

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