Thursday, 1 July 2010

I blame Steve Gill , old boy...

Yes you did read this correctly. Well actually I don't really blame him and hereby apologise for seeming to be rude to Mr Gill.
Let me explain. I have been re reading my back issues of "Battle games" magazine of late . I am tired at the end of term and have enjoyed this stimulating yet not over taxing reading material. I have enjoyed myriad articles but one review has stuck in my head- one by Steve Gill of 1866 period Austrian hussars. In it he talks of the idea of 19th Century imaginations. This has gone round and round in my head of late. Yesterday I scribbled thoughts onto my Dodo pad on the train and was heartened/hooked /distracted (depending on one's point of view) by the ideas that flowed. I am still undecided but need a new project in a new period to get over a certain modelling jadedness. Besides the Helion figures are amazing...
Yet,dear reader, I await your comments. Thank you Steve Gill for sowing the idea in my mind of a little corner of Europe, an extra curve in the Rhine still unmapped and a place of forests,castles and the joys of efficent rail travel!


  1. Dispersion! Acht! Gross Malheur! The bane of many a wargamer What about 19th C. Tradgarland, with hussars in gaudy uniforms, rather than an entirely new Imagi-Nation?

  2. If you really want some 19th century Imagi-Nation inspiration read "The Prisoner of Zenda" by Anthony Hope.

    You can even read it online:

    Of course I prefer the 18th century for Imagi-Nations, but if your heart moves you . . .

    -- Jeff

  3. I`ve been buying Helion Prussians and Austrians for the last two years with the same idea,i`ve even purchased some of Eureka`s Tyroleans to act as guerillas/interested bystanders.I totally agree the Helion figs are superb and seem to get better with each new release.


  4. Distractions, distractions. Wargamers know it all too well. ;)

    Nice to see that lovely portrait of Fred Burnaby of the Blues.

  5. I was reading the same review last night! A tantalizing (possible) project indeed. And Spencer Smith has a new line of Franco-Prussian era (French, Prussina, and Bavarian) figures coming out that might catch your eye too. Pictures are due up on the website shortly.

    Best Regards,


  6. Gentlemen
    My summer hols have begun.I am home less than an hour and I have succumbed to some Helion Austrian Huzzars.... ordered five mins ago!!!

    I love "The Prisoner of Zenda"

    Andy tell me more of your imagination rules and project....

    Stokes - the spencer Smith look very tempting indeed.

  7. If you're having fun that's the main thing!
    But as the gentleman from Monte Cristo suggests, how about taking a look at 19th century Tradgardland?

    For other Zenda-like literary ImagiNations:
    Andre Norton's The Prince Commands
    Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Mad King