Thursday 29 July 2010

The Tradgardland province of Smaaland

Smaaland ,governed from Smaaland Herrgard, is famous for many things. It is particularly renown for it's Tennis court ( to be found at Smaaland Herrgard and pictured in this post) often used by Duke Karl Frederick as well two main industries - the keeping of bees and the manufacture of tennis balls and equipment.
Readers familiar with the Duchy are no doubt aware that the militia regiments are maintained by the Guilds. Guild members serve alongside each other in Companies which meet a number of times a year at Wappenshaws- organised occasions for military training as well as convivial feasting. Each Company,as well as carrying a Ducal Colour, carries a Colour which has upon it a design reflecting the Guild's endeavours. Some of these are depicted above...


  1. Nice logical ideas for the colors. I like the concept of the Wappenshaws.

  2. Nice flags and bits of history about Smaaland!

    The tennis court puts me in mind of the tennis scene from one of the Musketeer movies (Three Musketeers/Four Musketeers, with Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, Michael York, et al.).

    Smaaland - providing tennis balls to the courts of Europe for generations? ha ha

  3. Background and flags full of character!