Monday, 5 July 2010

Tradgardland- 18th & 19th Centuries- an update

I have been busy over the weekend with the Duchy
For the 18th century I have been reorganising into smaller units using movement trays with figures on GW bases inserted-casulties will be removed when needed. This is to facilitate a major new storyline in the Duchy coming soon which will be resolved upon the tabletop in a series of linked games.
For the 19th century I have decided to use gaslight for some quasi skirmish games involving hussars in the forest.The rules have been sent for and figures too. I await their arrival and will keep you posted. Thanks to all for your interest ,advice and ideas... I may even be trying "spin off " for Blasthof Bridge with Shiny Tin Soldiers for 1866 using Charge. But we will see what develops.


  1. I bought the GASLIGHT rules, and although I haven't yet played with them they look a good adaptable set.

  2. I'll be interested to hear how you guys get along with the GASLIGHT rules - I'm tempted to get them myself. Just the other day I purchased Two Hour Wargames "Colonial Adventures" rules. They use 20 figure units, but the THW Yahoo group has a simple set of guidelines for using half-size units. I don't have many Pathans yet. Need to get more.

    I'll also look forward to Tradgardland's 18th cent. events.

  3. Good-looking fellows in tricorns, but where are the proud 1st & 2nd infantry regiments in the now famous and so characteristic 'Tradgarland crimsom' (read 'pink')?

  4. One of the strengths of the GASLIGHT rules is that they allow you to play larger-than-life heroes along with a cast of rank-and-file extras. They should be perfect for swashbuckling, storming-Zenda-castle affairs.