Friday 2 July 2010

Still blaming Steve Gill- not! Now Rules...

This project is moving forward. Today I have been thinking about rules.
I like the set up of the Soweiter League - small units and simple rules
and a visually attractive and stimulating style.
I am also considering Charge - the orginal format and also the small unit version by Stuart Asquith. I am still uncertain about the suitability of the rules for mid 19th Century use. I have consulted the Victorian charge rules additions on OSW already.
Have any of you used the rules for this period or know of amendments? Or have you any other rules suggestions to make- as ever your view are sought here in Tradgardland. Finally just to let you know I have ordered some Helion Hussars already...
Today I hope to devote some time to geography and maps.
P.S I hope you enjoy this photo- it says so much about the attractions of this period with regard to imaginations


  1. Well, my favorite 19th century rules remain "The Sword and the Flame".

    If you like them too, there are LOTS of variants that might fit your specific plans:

    -- Jeff

  2. Good luck with this new project Alan.
    Agree with Jeff about TSATF.
    You might also think along the lines of Aly Morrison's 40mm Shiny Toy Soldiers set up - see The Continental Wargames Society. i'm sure the rules would transfer easily between the scales.



  3. Ditto, TSATF.

    Nonetheless, you might want to take a look at my work in progress modifying the "The WAr GAme" rules for the ACW at:



  4. Or you could use 30mm German Zinnfiguren (flats).

    I have just about finished painting up a 36 man Prussian unit.

    There are some pictures of flats on my blog.

  5. I`m thinking of using the American Civil War rules from the Shire publication "Discovering Wargames Rules",once are forces are big enough.


  6. TSATF is hard to beat for smaller actions. I have used a modified version of Morschauser's horse & musket rules (using four-base regiments instead of five, and shortening up the ranges a little) for my sons' Crimean-era (ish) Imagi-Nation armies. I'll post the modifications somewhere as soon as time permits.

  7. We use Chassepot and Needlegun for our Franco Prussian War games. Maneuver units are infantry battalions (18 or 24 figures), cavalry regiments (24 figures), and artillery batteries (3 guns and 6 gunners). They are a creation of Larry Brom and are available from him at .


  8. I have used Charge! for c1840 fictional games, eg:

    for 1860's you probably ought to increase infantry fire power but there are lots of great ACW & Colonial rules out there that can be adapted. The trick is to figure out what level of games really catch your fancy, tabletop teasers with a handful of units or clashes between massed armies.

    For myself I have gone back to my own rather OS, toy soldierish rules, recently revised:

    Good luck and enjoy!

  9. Thanks for the mention! I posted a reply to your inquiry on my blog comments.

    I played TSATF long ago with friends and enjoyed those games. It's based on 20 fig. inf units, but there is a variant for smaller unit sizes.

    I've been looking into making a return foray into Colonial gaming lately (after a long long absence from that genre). One set of rules that intrigues me is Two Hour Wargames' Colonial Adventures. Looks like it is also geared towards 20 figure units. Not sure if it can be scaled down. I also like their idea of Stars and "the Big Bad" in their Larger Than Life rules, but that's more on the level of role-playing and is designed for Pulp games (early 1900's). Maybe some sort of mix of CA and LTL?

    Anyone know of other rules that give you that sort of cinematic/adventure tale feel, with heroic main characters, but also with units composed of several figures or more?

  10. You may want to check out Gaslight by Chris Palmer & Buck Surdu. It is aimed at VSF but can be used straight up. I think 10 man units are common (9 + character but I think larger can be used)

    There are a couple of sites out there with ongoing campaigns based on them.

  11. GASLIGHT is a good set of rules. I've used them as straight Colonial rules (with the VSF elements removed) and they were fun.

    -- Jeff