Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The battle of Herring wood part one

The long awaited marching orders had finally arrived. Graf von Apfelstrudel, instantly recognisable in his shabby blue coat and faded gold sash, ensconced in his office in a rather down at heel part of a unremarkable town in the Austrian Netherlands, read the paper in his hand. Yes all was in order- troops to gather in the town square by Friday, safe passage to march through neighbouring lands and a spy's report of the border situation in the Duchy of Tradgardland...
Meanwhile as the officers of Infantry Regiment Schwarzwalder-Kirshtorte attended vespers ( the Swabian inspired second breakfast not an ecclesiastical office) the talk was of the forthcoming campaign and the chance to teach those Tradgardlander upstarts a lesson they would never forget...
Dear reader the above marks the move towards a solo game I intend to play over the next week or so. Photos as and when action occurs will be posted here


  1. Looking forward to your account.

  2. Now with a second game to watch (Stokes' Stollen game being the first), I'm in "internet gaming heaven!"


  3. A promising prelude! Hope to hear and see more! :)

  4. p.s. I received my copy of the GASLIGHT rules yesterday and have been studying them. The look like just the sort of rules I had been looking for (I don't expect to use much of the rules for steampunk contraptions, but the rest look like they'll suit me just fine for Hollywoodesque "historical" adventures.)

  5. Love the pictures you all post!
    Now if we can find the wife's camera which is in another tub in the storage ....