Monday, 12 July 2010

Technologies and diverse matters

As a unit of Ducal Guard are progressing well on the painting front ( yes the uniform will contain rose before you ask) and are needing to be left to dry I have been musing upon the level of technology to be found in Tradgardland...

I was inspired by a recent discovery (in the loft) of some Luther Arkwright comics from my youth. Theses have lead me to examine some steampunk sites on the web. I do not wish my imagination to be too diverse from "reality" but am interested in some alternative material- inspiration has been Babbage and his difference engine,clockwork
technology and some form of mechanical transport beyond the railway. As ever I am interested in your thoughts...


  1. For the greatest of technlogical and scientific advancements of the 18th C, you need look no further than Herrschaden and Direktor of Science and Technology Walther Pichlesturm - still wanted(mostly) alive by the vatican - for pragmatic and practical invention and of course the complete erradication of religious imagery.


  2. An interesting picture, somewhat reminiscent of Rembrandt. Steampunk seems a natural adjunct to the GASLIGHT rules.

  3. re: level of tech: Are you talking about 18th cent. or 19th cent. Tradgardland?

    It's up to you. Whatever you find fun. Maybe start with pretty historical stuff, with minor additions like your major hero's fancy pistol, and later on add from there if you want to go further. You could always add new stuff as new inventions/innovations and even make them part of the "story".

    My own preference is to not stray too far (no gigantic robotic spiders for me!). I still want to field pretty standard rifle-armed infantry and standard cavalry, against Pathans and Tauregs and such.

  4. I believe that it "Babbage" and not "Baggage", by the way. Here is a link to an article about Babbage:

    Just when are you thinking of adding some "steampunk"? Certainly it would work in the 19th century version of Tradgardland . . . but not, I think, in the Eighteenth century version.

    -- Jeff

  5. Gents
    thanks for interest. )0oophs silly typo re Babbage. The steampunk stuff would be for the 19th not 18th century by the way...