Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Forth Estuary and the Forth Coalition

The weather was good today so the Gruber family went off to Aberdour for a picnic . Aberdour is less than 10 miles from us and on the Forth Estuary. It was a tad windy but we all enjoyed a change of scene. The postman didn't bring any lead or bases so I got on with that I am working upon- a couple of Tradgardland units- militia and Guard. I did mange to order a 1860 (albeit anachronistic) steam train for the wargames table which will arrive in kit form.
Whilst on the subject of the Forth Estuary I am rather excited by a forthcoming demonstration game at the Claymore wargames show in Edinburgh which I will be involved in. The informal group ( named geographically) is the Forth Coalition. It includes a number of chums including one known to many of you through painting points. More details later...

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