Saturday 31 July 2010

Down memory lane...

I looked at the blog "18th Century Sojourn" yesterday and was fascinated to read of the Elric inspired army. It reminded me of my favourite poster ,which adorned my bedroom when growing up- a depiction of Elric by Rodney Matthews...

I loved his artwork then ,and upon revisiting it via the Web today, love it still. I cannot resist therefore posting two of his illustrations- on e of Elric and the wonderfully evocative Magnum Album cover "On a storyteller's night..."

Whatever you are doing this weekend -enjoy!


  1. Oh, I remember Rodney Matthew's Illustrations. Cool stuff!

  2. He's a distant cousin of mine. I wonder if he can be persuaded to let me take away a few old pieces of art he may have lying around making the place look untidy...

    I do like On a Storyteller's Night. A very evocative image, especially to those of us who spent an awful lot of time in our youth playing D&D.