Thursday, 22 July 2010

Introducing Von Apfelstrudel- The C in C for the Imperium

I decided to use the chart from Terry Bath's book to give a character for the Imperium's commander in the forthcoming battle. Some dice later Von Apfelstrudel can be described in the following terms- open and sunny,saintly,having a thrifty tendency,bribable,ugly,well liked ,stupid and erratic, possessing some military and political aptitude!
All in all quite an interesting character with possibilities and potentialities for the battlefield...
These will come into play when giving orders,rallying troops and the alike. I am unsure whether to use dice to work this out or add an element of free kriegspiel/roleplay into how I give orders etc. As ever I would be delighted to have your ideas...
p.s the hound is a "Corgi" toy that came from a set with police vehicles from the 1960s - found in a spares box and untilised over 40 years since I first got him...


  1. I have that very book - and that very corgi, somewhere! The personality traits table is a fun one to use, but I found it does sometimes lead to some head-scratching when it comes to fitting the new character into a campaign.

  2. von Apfe;strudel seems like and interesting character, and I certainly like his choice of colors for his uniform. The corgi is a nice touch too. . . Not sure how the Batman and Robin figures from the old Corgi Batmobile that I had as a boy would work in this instance though!

    Best Regards,


  3. Von Apfelstrudel and companion look great!
    Yeah, some of those sorts of tables can give you some odd results. On the other hand, some of those oddities can make things more interesting if you can reconcile them.
    Von Apfelstrudel didn't come off too badly - although, stupid seems a bit strong. Maybe he's a little too trusting and so appears stupid to schemers who take advantage of him? Or maybe he's not so polished or educated, so polished courtiers consider him stupid? Who knows...

    I haven't really done much in the way of characterization lately. Just very informal, knowing that one commander may be jealous of another, for example. But that's been reflected a little more in how I report the battle than in the actual conduct of the battle.