Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tradgardland by Gaslight...

It is very rainy here today and so I have continued with the first Gaslight unit and my first Major Hero(depicted here) who is Baron Von Bergman. His ancestor has appeared in my 18th Century Blog entry and is currently (in the past that is) engaged in a Jacobite Rebellion and susequent recovery from wounds sustained there.
The 19th century Von Bergman is President of the Ducal Society -a group of gentlemen who are at the cutting edge of scientific endeavour and progress. He wears his uniform of Colonel in chief of th Ducal Hussar regiment and is armed with a percussion pistol (replete with telescopic sight) of his own design and fabrication.

I also enclose a photo of the garden a few weeks ago for those interested in such matters. Courgettes are about to be able to be eaten and the peas and beans are not too far off. Whatever you are doing have a good weekend!


  1. That's quite a pistol! What make is the mini and did it come with the pistol like that or did you do any modifications? Excellent work!

    Very nice garden, too.

  2. It is a Eureka Miniatures figure- part of the super Pax LImpopop range. The figure is as he came except for the addition of a GW base.

  3. What a wonderful garden, sir. Thank you for sharing that.

    -- Jeff

  4. I have got to say this 19th Century Imaginations stuff is a cracking idea! This Hussar is a fantastic sculpt...and I would love to do him as part of a Flashman Adventure!!! I am following this all with great interest. Love the veggie patch too!


  5. OK, I gave in and ordered a copy of the rules. Also some more miniatures (I just have a handful of Pathans, not much of a "horde"). :)