Saturday, 24 July 2010


Well it has arrived and isn't it super- the CWJ that is ! Phil Olley has done a terrific job on the launch issue and I really enjoyed the contributions from you chaps - a loud huzzah to one and all!
I am considering,as a result of reading the CWJ, of adding Bluebear Jeff's personality ideas to my commanders in the forthcoming battle betwixt the Imperium and Ducal forces. I had not intended to use brigadiers but have been tempted so to do. I will post more command figures over the weekend.
Finally I could not resist posting a picture of these amazing dressing gowns worn by the Danish monarchy in the 18th century- they are fantastic and I would not say no to one here in Fife this winter...
I am tempted to try and find a 28mm figure to adapt to portray some Tradgardlander noble in such fetching attire- any ideas more than welcome for figure sources.


  1. Looking at the material on the pic, you might want to mix in a little or bronze to the base colour to try and show the effect of the patterning.



  2. The occasional mis-communication between General and Brigadiers can be frustrating . . . and a lot of fun. Do give it a try.

    -- Jeff