Tuesday 27 July 2010

The Duchy of Tradgardland 1866 an Old School Project...

I am really keen to do a purely Old School wargaming set up. It is hard to do this in my 18th century Tradgardland games as I have such a mix of figures esp minifig/rsm inf and Front rank cavalry. I cannot replace all the inf or the cav ( and really have no desire to do so financially speaking) but enjoy the games I use them in. That ,after all, is the most important thing is it not?

However with Tradgardland 1866 I can maintain as osw a continuity of approach as much as possible. I will use Spencer Smith Classic 30mm infantry at the moment,with the cavalry & artillery when they are produced.
As for rules I am looking at the ones on the oldschoolacw blog.
I will raise forces initially based upon the scenario "Vanguards Collide" by Phil Olley in the recent Classic Wargames Journal.

As well as this I will try and do some GASLIGHT small unit games with characters and a wide variety of figures. This will not have such an old school flavour and will allow a different aesthetic to operate. As ever your thoughts are most welcome...


  1. Don't blame me Alan, don't blame me.
    Looking forward to seeing this project develop.

  2. A new project, a wonderful to behold...

  3. Phil
    No blame laid at your door at all.CWJ has been a catalyst for me...
    Peter @ Spencer Smith emailed me tonight and I thereby discovered that the cavalry moulds are expected any day now for the Classic range.
    I think I will have a busy painting time ahead...

  4. Your enthusiasm is communicative!
    You found a subdued way to keep the famous 'Tradgarlander pink' in sober late 19th C....
    Looking eagerly forward to discover the cavalry (though we already had a glimpse of the Ducal Hussars'appropriately glamorous uniform).

  5. This is going to be fun to watch!


  6. Hi there Alan,

    You're doing EXACTLY what I hope to do before too many more years elapse. . . The Grand Duchy of Stollen ca. 1850. Please paint, pots, and update often, so I can enjoy lots of vicarious ogling. Have fun with it!

    Best Regards,