Wednesday 21 July 2010

The first Nordic Bronze figures...

The weather has been awful here at times and I have tried to get some figures started for the Nordic Bronze age Basic Impetus army.I arranged and rearranged them in a variety of combinations on the base as an impetus ( excuse the pun) to get the figures/army finished. Although the archaeological evidence is not present for long spears in battle I thought I would use the Foundry figures as they are- I just can't bear to cut the spears to a more reasonable length...


  1. On seeing these the figures I have offered you are most definitely not suitable. Had a quick look at the Foundry website and they could be Franks with a similar style of hat. Still they are there if your interested.

    As you say keep up the impetus.



  2. Ross

    Once again thanks for your interest and kind offer. They would indeed not work with the late Bronze age stuff I am painting. However the next plan is to ceate the Hjortspring boat and crew ( did you click on the Impetous Forum Tolland man link I posted)and I hopefully will use them then...
    Please hold onto the figures and I will get them soon- if i get them now I might become distracted from finishing the LBA army- all too easy for me!