Tuesday 26 May 2020


I had mentioned these to David in Suffolk in a comment. They are Charge adaptions by Stuart Asquith and Alan Cook. As they were printed in 1981 I assume I am doing no wrong by putting these photos up here on my blog. I do so to enthuse others to use these classic rules.
 The above photo is of the organisation suggested. The one below is the play sheet.


  1. I am sure that Stuart would have been delighted to give more people the chance to share his favourite rule set. I may have said before that these rules half everything. They will work much better if you also half the size of the playing area ie. 5'x3 or 4'.

    It took me years of wondering why they weren't working until Stuart finally told me they were designed as a dining table adaption of the real thing.

  2. I still use them now and again.