Friday 1 May 2020

Paper folding Portable Wargame

I just remembered recently about the arcane paper folding my middle daughter did as part of her time at art school. I recall chatting to her about how one might use similar methods to made three dimensional paper terrain. I can’t recall where those conversations went, I will revive them next time on the phone to her. Anyway having watched Kirsty Allsop crafting I decided to see if I could make a n incredibly simple gridded board by folding alone. I borrowed paper from my daughter and did this-
 I like the grid marked out with no intrusive lines or dots. I used too thick paper and folding was hard.
Felt squares and lengths as woods and dried up river beds with plastic trees. Recyclable board and easy to store.

The simple set up. Not rocket science but easy to make. If you have a whim for Naval gaming, the Winter War etc get the correct colour of paper out and fold. Easy.


  1. Are we to hear a commentary about this game? Looking good Alan.

  2. That's a clever idea ! , like it !

  3. Tradgardmastare,

    What a very simple and effective idea!

    All the best,


  4. Thanks, I like this! When the art shops re-open, I could see some of their large sheets of mounting paper being used..

  5. A clever idea indeed. But, unless you actually want to fold the paper up as small as the individual squares for storage, could you not achieve a similar visual effect by 'scoring' with back of a knife, to create a slight indentation along the lines?

    1. Scoring requires a straight edge or ruler, what I like about this is it requires neither.