Wednesday 6 May 2020

Rules suggestions for WW1 in Africa sought

Can anyone suggest rules which would work  ( preferably not too complicated) with 10mm figures to fight the Great War in East Africa ?


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    You could always use the Portable Colonial Wargame rules.

    All the best,


  2. 'If The Lords Spares Us' from the Too Fat Lardies has rules for East Africa. There are a number of EA specific scenarios in the 'Play the Game' supplement.

    Michael Scott has an excellent blog about 10mm Great War in Mesopotamia in which he has adapted the base sizes in ITLSU to suit 10mm figures.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion AJ, the rules are intriguing and the website is quite amazing. I found it hard to navigate initially but it is full of information and lovely to look at.

  3. I used Big Wars by Stuart Asquith and Jack Alexander to play a WW1 East Africa game in 54mm, it worked well and could easily be adjusted for 10mm. They were both very keen on this particular WW1 campaign and I suspect they had it in mind when they wrote these rules. Otherwise "The men who would be Kings" is always a good set.

  4. I recall your fantastic conversions Brian and enjoyed playing Big Wars. I am interested in the possibility of 10mm use. Since reading about the campaign as A teenager I have been fascinated by it.

  5. Sorry Alan I cannot help you with supplying WW1 rules- I've written my own rules over the years for various periods and find the challenge very satisfying. Cheers. KEV.

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