Saturday 16 May 2020

Modelling and a change of plan

Yesterday saw the Araldite opened ( haven’t used it for years and what a sticky messy thing to use) and the resin halt glued together. The building fitted together pretty well and I am pleased so far.
The halt figure for scale and evidence of messy industry.

Yesterday we chatted about the garden railway and my daughters chipped in some ideas. There is a seven inch gap between the breeze block boundary wall and the fence my neighbour built. If I ran the track along the wall top there would be no place for buildings as I cannot fix anything to the fence to place them on. Secondly the train might derail into the gap and come to harm. So it has been decided to run the track through the border from the pebble beach area to the top corner of the garden. If you look closely you can see the garden cane with flower pot on top that holds a twine line I laid out to mark a route. I will investigate further during the weekend...


  1. Nice little building.

    Shame there is a gap between the wall and fence; have you thought about fixing a shelf on the wall one breeze block down from the top, paint the top breeze block sky blue.

    1. Shelf idea is one I hadn’t thought of. It still leaves me concerned about how to place scenery around it in a vaguely believable way..I am tending towards ground level and use the plants as a semi magical undergrowth.

  2. Wouldn't do any harm to make cardboard templates of the various elements of the line before making your mind up on the final layout.