Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Projects on the go


I have a number of projects on the go which are represented by these on the painting table this morning. My two inch mortar group is ready to send off to my regular opponents for Friday’s game, the Platoon was sent this morning. The 25mm Napoleonic figures are ready for the bases which I hope will arrive tomorrow. This will allow me to base the figures, varnish them and get them onto a Portable Wargame battle. I am finding my War of 1812 American Militia quite hard to paint. They are 60mm Expeditionary forces and lovely figures. I feel I am not quite doing them justice. Not sure whether to go with a glossy toy soldier look or a Matt realistic one. What do you think?


  1. Always nice to see a worktop as messy and full of different projects on the go as mine! I'm very much for glossy except for WW2 which I usually finish up gloss varnishing the figures anyway!

    1. Different scales and periods work well fo me.Glossy, noted!

  2. On those figures I would go for the matt look.

  3. Glossy. Matt is too serious on lots of levels. Just the way I feel.

  4. "As the Colonel shall decide..." Simple and glossy is for me, but I know it's not always everyone's fav.


  5. I favor a matte finish in general, but I won't be looking at them anywhere as much as you will. I've also heard that gloss holds up better to handling than matte, but that may be hearsay.