Friday 29 September 2023

A grand day out 2

 I took some photos on a wander about after the excellent guided tour-

1920s model of an independent highland company soldier.
Work of the splendid artist Haswell- Miller who l know best for his paintings of soldiers he saw on his travels prior to the Great War.

This splendid garment was worn on the Waterloo Campaign.
A fascinating photo .
I was most taken by this painting and the explanation below-

The regimental band in 1862. A photo full of light hearted touches .

I was most surprised to find this painting in the museum. I am sure I saw it in the home of the man it was given to , many , many years ago. I can only assume it was given to the museum on his death.

Next post the Willie Diorama…


  1. An interesting place to visit, for sure. My wife and I went in the early nineties, but I don't recall much about it to be honest - we also visited Bannockburn (of course!) the same day.

  2. Some great images there of the Anti Aircraft kilted riflemen and of the hop fields that would make great shiny toy soldier sets.
    I have noticed those informal regimental band pictures are almost a ‘genre’ of posed wacky buffoonery.
    Excellent advertising or reminder for visiting your local military museum to keep them open.

  3. Some fascinating pictures, including the diorama in the next post. I was especially pleased to see the painting of a chaplain at work. It's hard to find model soldiers of these in any scale - the most frequent portrayals seem to be ACW.
    Stephen [CF/V]

    1. You’ve given me a good idea!
      Should be easy to achieve with my 6mm chaps.

  4. That's a good selection of interesting images; thanks for posting. Does it say more about who wore the very elaborate looking costume at Waterloo? It does not look very military!