Monday 25 September 2023


 In spite of torrential rain at times Sunday proved sunny enough for us to have coffee and cinnamon buns in the garden at Abbot House-

There is little hobby news to report here. I did get some figures out from the lead mountain and enjoyed working on them on Saturday afternoon whilst listening to “ In our Time” on Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” with great interest. In the programme was a reference to how his brother was given a magic lantern as a present . Bergman really wanted it and gave his brother 100 toy soldiers for it. The world of film would be very different if Bergman had preferred toy soldiers…

This week sees me having a couple of games potentially, hopefully the first outing for my late medieval French army . In the meantime enjoy this-


  1. Interesting point about the Toy Soldiers, mentioned in Bergman’s FT obituary, another toy theatre fan! “His early love of stagecraft and make-believe was fostered by a toy theatre he made at the age of nine. At 10 he owned his first projector: an aunt’s gift to his elder brother, who traded it with the envious Ingmar for half the younger boy’s toy soldiers. The excitement of these childhood film shows is depicted in his great film Fanny and Alexander.”
    Maybe fantasy gaming lost a major creator?

  2. Those look like some serious cinnamon buns!