Friday 22 September 2023


 Wednesday saw me in Glasgow for the first of my Northern Renaissance Art course.

En route I popped into the Hunterian Museum and art gallery. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Roman inscriptions on stones from the Antonine Wall and this splendid poster below.
The lecture took place on the seventh floor in a room with a terrific view over Glasgow.

I returned by bus through torrential rain to a non functioning toilet. This began a series of events involving plumbers, noxious smells of sulphuric acid , sewage flowing round the garden and no solution. I was told to phone Scottish Water and report it. A stressful evening had occurred. Scottish Water were really helpful and promised to come first thing in the morning.

True to their word they came in the morning early, sorted the problem , unblocked things and cleaned up the sewage, disinfecting the garden as part of the process . They then phoned to say they had been and report on what they had done. Kudos to Scottish Water for their helpful and supportive attitude on the phone and efficient sorting out of things.

The episode has left me reflecting how l so often take things for granted like a flushing toilet, always there and functioning. We are so fortunate with simple things like running water here in this country. It has made me reflect on all those news stories I read or heard about, briefly pondering upon and then moving on. It is good to count one’s blessings now and again.


  1. Yes we take so much for granted and are no even aware of them - till they break down and cease to function .

  2. Sewage and the basics aside (and leaks and blockages and drips and storms) which do eat up time better spent on family and hobbies, what a fantastic stylish poster (very evocative, stylish, 1920s? 1930s?) could be a partnership with HRE, Tradgardland ...

  3. Hot water and a flushing toilet are things we don't appreciate till they're not there! Love the Hunterian... haven't been there in years.

  4. Sorry to hear about your plumbing problem. Must have been awful. But good to hear that it was resolved promptly.
    Great photos by the way.

  5. Good to know you can now flush with confidence :)

    When basic things don't work, you realise how much yoo take for graneted. I had Dyno-Rod in last week to clear a blockage in the extension loo soil pipe and clean out the drains as well.