Saturday 23 September 2023


 New arrivals here in the Duchy , unboxed the other day.

* Brian Cameron’s Afghan Delights…
I am indebted once again to Brian for passing on to me these delightful , painted, old school Afghan figures  ( not to mention the horses to go with the cavalry) which l think are Hinchcliffe and some are Minifigs. They are just crying out to be used in a Featherstone Close Wars game with stones from the garden as scenery/ cover and perhaps a few model trees.
For the moment l will field them in games involving battles between different tribes. However l would to get some suitable opponents. Perhaps Hinchcliffe Indian Army figures or similar from Minifigs? Any other suggestions for opponents most welcome…


  1. Excellent acquisition! A unit of Sikh infantry, maybe with a mountain gun, would be a good opponent. I’ve king been thinking about India and the NW Frontier in the context of an imaginary Great Game story. A British political officer and a Russian trying to outwit each other. Maybe some Cossacks running guns to the Afghans.

  2. Those are some great looking figures. Pretty much ready to play with.

  3. I started 'layer painting around 1976 so these pre-date that and I don't think they've seen action for 40 years. A mix of Hinchliffe, Minifigs (loading, though I think those are Renaissance Turks) and Stadden (the firing figures). Glad you like them. Could be an inter-war setting perhaps, (using some of your 'A Very British Civil War' figures?) as per Wargames Campaigns. Easier to dice per inch of movement though than scattering thousands of hole punchings!