Tuesday 19 September 2023

Generally speaking

 Two mounted generals were in the box of Eric’s Ottomans-

Labelled as ever, now to give them suitable names and perhaps personalities with positive or negative attributes for command.
The brightly painted general is a Minifigs Tartar with his lance cut down , mounted on a lovely half armoured horse. The other general is a drab but business like figure with lots of weapons and a shield plus a severed head hanging from his horse furniture. I don’t know the manufacturer.
So here they are , ready to lead Eric’s men into battle once again…
Next artillery, gunners and transport…


  1. The Horse Archer looks mean and impetuous, whilst the ex-lancer seems more cautious (probably just as mean though!)

  2. always carry a severed head - because you never know when it will come in handy :)

  3. Both lovely little figures, the half armoured horse is a wee belter, very nice!

  4. I think the drab figure is an old Citadel Hun (pre-GW)